The Spinoff Pop-up Podcasts

Equalise My Vocals - Panel Korero #1

June 15, 2017

On 5-6th of May 2017 two panel discussions were held as part of the Equalise My Vocals campaign created and curated by Coco Solid and presented on the Spinoff.

EMV was and is a discussion about gender equality in the New Zealand music industry. These korero (organised by Coco Solid and Trixie Darko) presented a chance to take stock and hear respected artists talk about their experiences and offer their wisdom and thoughts on a wide range of issues. 

On day one the panel members included Teremoana Rapley, Leonie Hayden, Nikolai, Kat Saunders and Beth Ducklingmonster. Moderated by Coco Solid, the discussion covered areas such as 'the power of alter-egos, people's entitlement to comment on the practice of women and non-binary musicians how race relations and drug culture have impacted the music industry.